Handmade Hands High

Ballerina Bows

Height. If your ride is less than or equal to 14.2 hands high (hh) you've got a pony. Fun fact: the height measurement "hands high" was actually based on the height of a human hand perpendicular to a flat surface, straight across the width of the palm. Funner fact: The same is true at Ballerina Bows! 

Our handcrafted hair bows (and all our bows, charm and accessory too) are literally measured on my hand. Not all bows end up one hand high, some are just a few fingers neat. My hand: just one more of the myriad of little details unique to every Ballerina Bow. Measuring each twist and turn of grosgrain and satin into a custom design just for you.

Hope you have a great ride today, Horsegirls.



ps more fun facts: we call ponies AND horses "pony" (also pon, the pon and pone ;) and the girls that ride them "Horsegirls." *smile & shrug*

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