Take a Trail Ride with BB!

Name: Jenna, BB Principal Dancer- Owner & Head Designer

Tell us about your horse(s)? 
Freija: 17yr old Chestnut Hanoverian Mare- Text book red mare!! and Milou, 21 yr old Chestnut Selle Francais gelding with a puppy dog, in your pocket personality. Can you tell I like chestnuts??! 

Our favorite thing to do together is: 

Groom & graze

My horse and I do the... 

Freija- Hunters, Milou- Dressage

I bought Ballerina Bows because... 
I love bows! I work full-time in Sales Operations in the tech world and have been an Assistant Trainer for Core Equestrian, a full-service H/J and Dressage training barn in Woodside, CA, for over ten years. After working as an Assistant Trainer for so long I have put bows in braids on horses to horsegirls to dressage queens to ponies, students and my nieces - the list goes on - so it was a natural addition to my daily life. Plus bows just pair perfectly with everything!!

My favorite BB product is...

Our Purse Charm! A charm to match every handbag/outfit and the occasional hair bow. Who said bows were just for kids?

💗 and now, some info about another very essential part of our BB 🎀 team, Eden.

Name: Eden, BB BackUp Dancer (and full-time College Senior!)

First of all, Eden, what exactly do you do at BB?! 
Haha that's funny! I do a little bit of everything. I give some design feedback and do all the bow finishing - hand-sewing every bow and fixing every center charm. 

Tell us about your horse(s)? 

Leona, 10 yr old Holsteiner mare best described as a dragon, and Flight, 16yr old Mustang with a heart of gold. 

Our favorite thing to do together is:

Definitely ground work!

Why are you involved with BB?

Since I’m you’re roomie & we’ve ridden at the same barn with the same trainer forever, I’ve been part of your BB family since you purchased the business. Also, there is ribbon in every closet, cabinet, container and corner of our house so it was inevitable...😉 I love the creative process and I love seeing our bows on the kids I cheer on. We even made bows for the Stanford IEA team (I’m President of the Stanford IHSA Team)!! Plus I love the fact that bows can put a smile on anyone's face, especially ones that are sparkly and well-designed. 

My favorite BB product is... 

Our show ring pairs! I love seeing them at the end of braids, especially in our nieces' hair. 

We hope you enjoyed our trail ride together & getting to know us a little better! We are always working on expanding our market and are actively looking for Brand Ambassadors so, message us or email jenna@ballerinabows.com and tell us about YOU (and your pony) If you're a Mommy Horsegirl, we are also looking for Ambassadors for our Mommy & me capsule collections!



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