Our Story

Ballerina Bows began with three young sisters; Savanah, Mikayla and Jillian, who loved horses. Finding themselves in need of hair bows while at a show, these intrepid young ladies (with some help from their their mom Candace) decided to make their own. The girls named the business after their beloved pony Prima Ballerina and started selling bows in between classes. Much of their profits went directly to horse welfare and rescue programs as well as other charitable organizations.

When the three girls outgrew their ponies and bows it was time for a new chapter to the story. New owner Amanda (that’s me, Horsegirls!!) fell in love with Ballerina Bows when I started buying them for my own little girl, Kaarina. The photo below of Kaarina in her Ballerina Bows features prominently in our materials because this is where where our story with Ballerina Bows began. ❤️

An avid equestrian and lifelong horse girl, I have ridden and competed my whole life. When I'm not in the saddle you will usually find me at my most important job- being a mom! Or making bows or clothing women in confidence at our local Athleta store. 


PC Karinda Kinsler, Equine Photographer, 365 Days of Horses.

While I have loved taking on Ballerina Bows on my own, it really does take a full barn! It was time to bring in long time friend, horsegirl and pony trainer Jenna Nichols to the team to lead Marketing and Production! Jenna has spent most of her years in the saddle competing in the Hunter/Jumper and Dressage rings. She can be spotted most often at the Woodside Horse Park with Core Equestrian on horseback or with pups by her side. With a gift for crafting, eye for fashion and love of horses, it was just meant to be. 

PC: Caroline McCoy

Ballerina Bows will always make bows for girls and ponies but we have been inspired to look over the rail of the hunter ring into other arenas! Look for us riding into the world of cowgirls and any other sport you can think of where ponytails and braids appear. Keep an eye out, too, for our Kickn' Tail Day Bows (put the world on notice you are about to have that kind of day!) and newly-minted Charm Bows appearing on bags and briefcases for grown-up horse girls- or any girl who has an eye for beautiful, equestrian-inspired designs. 

We appreciate your support and look forward to contributing to your success and enjoyment with your pones. But most of all, we adore hearing from you and seeing pictures of your Ballerina Bows in action on location, wherever that may be. So please, look for our 💗🎀 signature, tag us on social media and say.. hay! We would love to feature you on our pages. 

Very truly yours,